Hi, I'm Danielle!

I'm the one who will be working with you to find your perfect gift - whatever the occasion may be. I also assemble, pack, write your cards, and tie the ribbon. Of course I wouldn't be able to do any of this without the help and support of my fiancé, fur baby, family, and friends! 

A little about me...I'm a huge lover of animals, I love to travel, I am a self-titled pasta queen, and I am obsessed with planning events. I was raised in Michigan, then a few years ago, my at the time boyfriend, now fiancé and I, packed up a U-haul and moved me out to the Big Apple. (The adventures of that eventful road trip is a story in itself for another time.) With a BS in Kinesiology from Michigan State University, I ended up choosing to work in the hospitality and fine dining industry in NYC. (How many of you can relate to going to school for one thing and working in a completely different field?!) Then the infamous year of 2020 came, and like many of us, our lives changed when Covid-19 hit leading us to make the decision to move back to MI. 

During this time, I was also trying to plan a wedding, stay connected with friends and family, and figure out how to make up for my lack of presence when I had to miss out on events such as showers, birthdays and holidays in order to stay safe, or because I lived too far away. 

At the same time, I was designing welcome gifts that were going to be unique to us and resemble our wedding theme. Of course, being the planner and creative that I am, I also jumped on trying to create vendor appreciation gifts too. 


With everything going on, showing gratitude and feeling connected seemed to be a challenge; but the way I was able to overcome this, especially from a distance, was through thoughtful gifting. I found a way to show gratitude and feel connected through gifting, and I wanted to extend that feeling to others. By taking my goals, and putting my enjoyment, passion, and creativity into gifting, I decided to create PEARVINE.

If there is anything else you want to know (even if it's where my fav place to eat in NYC is, or pictures of my pup), just ask me! I love building relationships and watching connections grow.